About Jean Martin

Jean Martin, a family saga

In 1920, an idea sprouted in Jean Martin's mind: to unlock the secret of the broken olive from the Vallée des Baux de Provence. Scented with wild fennel, these green diamonds then marketed under the La Maussanaise brand formed the basis of the Jean Martin company.

  • 1920 : Creation of the local olive confectionery by Jean Martin in Maussane-les-Alpilles in the heart of Provence
  • 1956 : Frost of olive trees in the Baux de Provence valley. Development of a quality Mediterranean olive sector
  • 1978 : Arrival of the founder's grandsons Bernard and Louis who create the vegetable canning business
  • Today : 2 factories, 1 olive grove, 40 employees, 6 million jars/year and still 100% family owned

Jean Martin, a craftsman in Provence

From generation to generation, Jean Martin puts all his culinary knowledge at the service of a simple idea: to offer his consumers tasty recipes prepared at home every day. Created and cooked in Provence, these recipes are based on fresh vegetables and olives and are offered in glass jars to preserve the quality and flavor of the products.

Passionate about taste

For Jean Martin this flavor is an absolute priority and the recipes are composed of 100% natural products.
Made from rigorously selected vegetables and olives, particularly within the framework of sustainable partnerships with local farmers, Jean Martin products are cooked without coloring, preservatives, GMOs, additives or added flavors... Jean Martin therefore offers you the authentic and unrivaled taste of good vegetables ripened in the sun and picked when ripe.

Demanding and creative

Beyond the demands on the quality of vegetables, Jean Martin takes particular care in the different stages of manufacturing his products. The vegetables are prepared and gently simmered in accordance with the southern culinary tradition and the seasonings are just right to enhance the flavors.
The vegetables, herbs and spices offered by the rich Mediterranean nature are also a constant source of inspiration for creating new recipes. Culinary creativity that you will appreciate throughout the seasons.

Committed to his region

Established for almost a century in the heart of Provence, Jean Martin affirms a corporate citizenship approach and is committed every day to this beautiful region both economically and socially and culturally: 40 jobs out of 2 production sites responding to a sustainable development policy, lasting partnerships with local farmers, support for numerous regional cultural events... 1 job Jean Martin supports 5 jobs in Provence!

Jean Martin, under the sign of sharing

Do you like Jean Martin products? All year round, Jean Martin invites you to share his new recipes and culinary advice on his website, in his recipe booklets but also in cooking workshops. You can also chat with us at the store or on our Facebook page jeanmartin.fr: so give your opinion, comment, play... so that cooking always remains a pleasure to share together!