Provence at heart!

Planting your own
olive grove in Provence
to better control its local olive supply.

Maintaining the historical know-how of
olive confectionery.

Collaborations with small
local structures
installed as close as possible to the production site.

99% of products
MADE IN PROVENCE in Tarascon and Maussane-les-Alpilles.

local know-how
with the highlighting of numerous Provençal partners in store.

A true speaking

No false promises:
simple recipes, with real taste,
cooked like at home.

Transparency in the relationship
towards employees and stakeholders, producers and distributors in particular.

Collaborations with small
local structures
installed as close as possible to the production site.

A priority: Naturalness!

ingredient lists

added flavors.

All our partners are subject to strict specifications, guaranteeing raw materials with real characteristics (varieties, IGP, etc.) and demonstrate transparency in their production.

Continuous improvement approach to our recipes based on criteria of naturalness AND authenticity.

as a guarantee of a real culture of food safety.

2022 objective: 0 added sugars in 80% of our recipes.

People at the heart of the company

Promote the professional integration of disabled workers.

Assistance with the training of apprentices: 13% of the total workforce in 2020.

Employment in the region:
1 job Jean Martin supports
5 jobs in the PACA region.

Consultation with employees on the investment plan related to staff safety and ergonomics at the workstation.

Deep respect for the environment!

An expanding organic range: the range has increased from 6 references in 2015 to 17 in 2021.

All our glass jars are infinitely recyclable.

Sorting of all waste: glass, cardboard and clean plastics, broken neon lights, bio-waste, electric cables, etc.

Energy savings achieved by installing a heat recovery system from the cold units.

A certified approach!

The label for companies committed to people, employment and the environment.

Ethical and responsible practices.

On-site inspections by an independent organization: Ecocert Environnement.