Aubergine Riste

The name of this traditional product comes from nearby Arles and evokes grandmother's home cooking. We’re not just being nostalgic, but we want this recipe’s to continue down the decades, to stand as a memorial to the traditional flavours of Provence. Use it in anything and enjoy the wonderful smell when you open the jar… You will be won over as soon as the fragrance wafts towards you!

Serves 4 to 6

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En lasagne, en accompagnement de riz ou de pâtes, en gratin…
Valeur énergétique : 151 kcal soit 627 kJ Protéines : 1,4 g Glucides : 7,1 g dont sucres : 4,0 g Fibres : 3,3 g Lipides : 12,3 g dont saturés : 1,2 g Sodium : 0,22 g
Aubergines 47%, tomatoes, vegetable oil, onions, sugar, salt, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, spices and herbs.
Après ouverture, conserver au réfrigérateur et consommer sous 3 jours.
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